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There’s a reason so many Forex Affiliates and Introducing Brokers are turning to FoxAffiliates.com,
and it’s not just because of how good-looking our team is!


This is what we’ve paid out to all
FoxAffiliates.com partners in the:

Last Week


Last Month


Last Year


Who Makes Up the FoxAffiliates.com Team?

Here at FoxAffiliates.com, we’re into hiring people that will take us to the next level, and we’ve done that continually for the last 12 months now. We’ve got a 20+ team of awesome Forex, Affiliate, IB, and Marketing pros that are ready to take you and your business to the next level too. Short-term is boring. Long-term is where we’re at, and we want all our Forex Affiliates and Introducing Brokers to come on this journey with us!

You’re only as good as the team around you, which is why the #1 rule for hiring anyone at FoxAffiliates.com is that the person you want to hire needs to be better than you


Our Management

Our CEO, Jaymes, has over 15 years experience when it comes to the Marketing industry. He’s basically been there, done it,  worn the t-shirt, designed the t-shirt and sold the t-shirt. Along with Jaymes in the FoxAffiliates.com Management Team is Stephanie, a seasoned administrator, Gil, a Forex Trading God, and Petros, who we like to call “the Affiliate King”.

If you want something, go out there and fight for it. Every second you spend crying over the thing you missed out on, is a second you could have spent going after something greater.


We Don’t “Think”, We “Know”

We don’t “think” we offer the best Forex Affiliate Programme out there, we “KNOW” we do! That’s the difference with FoxAffiliates.com; we’ve got our balls out on the table. Every Forex Affiliate and Introducing Broker that we work with knows this. We go that extra mile for all our partners each and every day to make sure that we’re both earning great money.

I’m not a fan of the word “thing”, so I added an O at the end of it. So go on, go out there in the big wide world and claim your thingo!


How You Fit In

We’ve done everything we can to make FoxAffiliates.com a true success, and we’re proud to say it is. But the truth is, we’re nothing without our partners. It’s the hundreds of Forex Affiliates and Introducing Brokers that see us push through every barrier we come across. Without you, we’re just another wannabe FX Affiliate company. And that’s boring.

Are you ready to join FoxAffiliates.com and make some serious money?

Money comes and goes, but sustained wealth isn’t something everyone gains. Through the hard work of the FoxAffiliates.com team, we’ve made one of our Forex Affiliates a millionaire in the space of 9 months. All he did was refer just over 2,000 clients to our Forex brands in 9 months. That’s it. We’d like to say he drives Lamborghini’s and has a yacht, but he tells us he still drives his Ford Focus. Each to their own. He worked bloody hard for his commissions, and if you’re prepared to work just as hard, the rewards could be substantial.

  • Massive Returns

    Some of our Forex affiliates are earning over $90,000 per month. The more traffic you send, the more you earn. Go ahead and sign up to get started!

  • Weekly Payouts

    We won’t hold back your payments ever! That money is yours, not ours, which is why we pay out our Forex affiliates weekly or every two weeks, or on a monthly basis.

  • Awesome Marketing

    The Fox Affiliate Marketing Team is absolutely awesome and will work with you to create outstanding landing pages eBooks, banners, emails, and more!

  • Ultimate Tracking

    We use HasOffers here at Fox Affiliates and our Forex affiliates absolutely love it as it’s super-easy to use and tracks every registration and FTD you bring us.

  • Top Bonuses

    We payout over $20,000 in bonuses every month to our Forex Affiliates. We find that giving our affiliates extra incentives really gets the traffic juice going and the FTDs rolling in!

  • Regulated Brands

    We only work with regulated Forex brokers. The brokers we work with are really strong in the UK and France. If you can bring us traffic from these 2 countries, go ahead sign up now

Isn’t it time you boosted your commissions?