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Privacy Policy

Feel free to read through all our policies and terms and conditions. If you click on the link, you’ll be taken to that specific policy or T&C page, or you can choose to download the PDF. The choice is yours. All we ask is that you read through these documents carefully and make sure that you fully understand the implications of each one. Yeah we know that sounded scary, but the truth is they’re not. They’re just policies and terms and conditions 🙂

Forex Affiliate Terms and Conditions DOWNLOAD
Introducing Broker Terms and Conditions DOWNLOAD
Marketing Policy DOWNLOAD
Cookies Policy DOWNLOAD
Privacy Policy DOWNLOAD

Please note that if you do join the FoxAffiliates.com Partnership Programme and then choose to leave the programme, we’ll hold onto your personal data for a further 5 years. As per our Privacy Policy, we’ll never sell, lease, rent, or give your personal data to anyone.