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What are the technical specifications of your servers and software?



We use DELL PowerEdgeTMR blade servers with the following specifications:


CPU: TWO (2) x Intel® Xeon® L5520, 2.26Ghz, 8MB Cache, 5.86 GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT

RAM: 12GB Memory for 2 CPUs, DDR3, 1333MHz (6x2GB Dual Ranked UDIMMs)

Disks: TWO (2) x 600GB, SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive (Hot Plug)

Hardware RAID Controller: Perc H200

Disk configuration: RAID 1 (one 600 GB virtual disk)

Power Supply: Dual redundant hot plug

Network: dual ethernet Gigabit port




Linux, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.1


Data Center

We cloud host your system at one of our high speed internet data centres where it is constantly maintained, upgraded and administered by our experienced and professional system administrators and technical staff 24/7/365. Secondary back-up and redundancy solutions are provided by our second mirrored data centre which is connected directly to the first by high speed fibre optic cable using multiple direct connections to the internet backbone via Cognet, Milanmix, Wind and Telecom IT.


Our datacenters are officially certified;


ISO 9001

ISO 27001

Tier IV


– 6.000 square meters

– room to host up to 60.000 servers

– electrical power capability: 5 MW

– Data room powered by 2 twin power centers connected by STS (Static Transfer Switch)

– power centers and data rooms separated by walls and doors REI 120 fire-resistant

– buildings respect anti-seismic regulations

– separate buildings for power centers and batteries/UPS

– dual redundant Power Distribution Units for each rack cabinet

– 24/7 Human presence in the NOC (Network Operation Center)

– Instant failover to the NOC of the other data center in case of problems on the local NOC

– Access to data rooms protected by both RFID and numeric code

– Visitors access regulated by identity check and pass release, only escorted by the internal    staff.

– Intrusion detection system based upon combined usage of presence detectors, volumetric sensors, contact sensors on fixtures and vibration detectors

– external and internal video surveillance system

– automatic Fire and smoke detection system positioned both under the floating floor and above the ceiling

– monitoring and immediate localization of abnormalities through the NOC management console

– auto fire-off nitrogen system

– auto locking of fuel supply line to power generators in case of fire detection

– liquid detection system

– temperature and humidity monitoring and control system

– 62 Gigabit/s of total bandwidth shared between the two data centers

– 20 Gb/s total bandwidth to Wind

– 20 Gb/s total bandwidth to Cogent Communications

– 10 Gb/s total bandwidth to Telecom Italia (direct peering)

– 10 Gb/s total bandwidth to Milan NAP `Mixґ

– 1 Gb/s total bandwidth to Rome NAP `Namexґ

– 1 Gb/s total bandwidth to forpsi-CZ (thus to Prague NAP `NIXґ)

– 4 links between the two data centers providing a 40 Gigabit/s interconnection

– Tier IV requirements respect including:

– 2N Redundancy

– Distribution: 2 simultaneous lines

– Hot plug maintenance

– Resilience

– max down time 48′ per year

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